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GOP Candidate Round Up PDF Print E-mail

My take on the GOP Presidential Candidates

The 2012 GOP Candidates

I realize no one asked for my opinion. I’m a democrat and I don’t like any of the candidates running for the GOP nomination and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to vote for any of them for president.  Still, I have an opinion and I feel compelled to share it. That’s what blogs are for. You’ve been warned.

Here is my gut level response about what these candidates are about. What I like, don’t like and perhaps think is funny about them.  I will then take the three front runners and run them through my 4 score test (which is my theory that the candidate that is perceived to be most honest, hard working, compassionate & rugged individual wins the election.)

Anyway - let’s start with gut level reactions.

Rick Santorum - one issue candidate and that issue is gays. Is he a closet gay?  No idea, but this dude is obsessed with sex and not in a healthy way.

Ron Paul - old man who may be going senile. I realize libertarians love this guy, but he has that old man head hang thing going on. Is this a fair gut level reaction? Of course not, gut level reactions never are.

Newt Gingritch - Reminds me of Taft, our fattest and most corrupt president ever. Let’s face it, Newt is sporting quite the middle these days. Is he as big at Taft was? No, but he’s probably just as crooked.

Jon Huntsman - He’s handsome and doesn’t seem nearly as crazy as the rest of the field does.  I get the impression that if he was actually in the running, I might like to hear what his policy positions are.

Michelle Bachmann - her smile is too forced. And I know, that’s not something I should judge her on, but whatever. She also doesn’t seem to care if the voices in her head are real or not and I would prefer a president who isn’t batsh*t crazy. Plus, since she obeys her husband, we would actually need to vet him if we wanted to elect her.

Rick Perry - anger management issues. He’s not very articulate and when challenged, he really seems like smoke is coming out of his ears. He’s even worse than Bush was when it comes to keeping a cool head. I don’t want a hot head for a president.

Herman Cain - arrogant snake oil salesman. Self made man who completely lacks compassion for others. Plus, he hires big burly bodyguards. While he comes of as genuine, I can’t help but think he’s about to pick my pocket when I’m not looking.

Mitt Romney - sincere but wears magic underwear. I think he is the best of the bunch, but then I can’t help thinking, the man wears magic underwear and that’s just weird.

4 Point Scores

Ok - so obviously, at this point, Cain, Perry and Romney are the front runners. Let’s see how they rate on the 4 Score.

D for honesty - too much flip flopping to run away from his record.
C for hard working - he’s too pretty and his hair too perfect to believe he works hard.
B for compassion - I think he genuinely does care even if he is pretending he doesn’t for the primary
D - he is so not a rugged individual. He’s a bit like a stepford candidate really.

D for honesty - I think this man would say anything if he thinks it would help him. Then again, I don’t know that he is smart enough to know what is true and what isn’t.
B for hard working - you can see it in his rugged lined face - the man has had to work at something, not sure what, probably something sinister, but still, one gets the impression he’s dedicated to it.
C for compassion - he seems really hard edged
C for rugged individual - mostly because he seems to be channeling Bush, which makes him a copy cat, not an individual.

A for honesty. I mean the guy is honest that he doesn’t have any facts to back up his claims and he’s willing to make them anyway. What’s more honest than that.
A for hard working - the man pulled himself up by the bootstraps for goodness sakes
B for compassion - true, it’s a tough love sort of compassion, but one senses passion from him.
B for rugged individual - he’s not very rugged, but he’s not afraid to be himself.

At the moment their opponent, Obama, is scoring C for honesty, A for hard working, B for compassion and B for rugged individual.

If the Republicans are smart, they will nominate Cain as he has the best chance of beating Obama. Unfortunately, he would also raise taxes on everyone, make it more expensive to buy, well everything and that would seriously stall our economy. But you can’t have everything.

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