Biden, Putin and the DOJ

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They all agree with Joe

Watching the recent Democratic debate, I was struck by one thing.  Apparently, all the other candidates agree with Joe Biden.  The most oft state phrase the entire night was “I agree with Joe.”  And, this considering Joe only got about 6 minutes of airtime to speak in a 2 hour debate.  (There were literally more commercials then time for Joe or Chris Dodd).

Anyway, here is my thought.  If they all agree with Joe as he is the best thinker, the most morally courageous and finally, the one whom even the Republicans agree with, then perhaps he should be our candidate.  It is just a thought.

Dept of JusticeJustice is Doing Ok

It seems like the justice department is functioning just fine for the first time in a long time now that they don’t have an attorney general lousing things up.  He is a wild thought.  Since Bush has once again nominated an idiot who refuses to acknowledge US and international law as his AG, then perhaps we the people would be better off without an AG until Bush’s successor is in office.  Again, it is just a thought. 

I would prefer that the staff of the justice department to be allowed to do their jobs for a while without political interference.  It would make for a nice change.  And, as I said, they seem to be doing much better without any oversight at all. They should be able to hold out without political supervision for another year or so.  Again, this is just me thinking out loud.

Putin loves BushIs Putin Gay?

Ok – we have all heard and/or seen Putin’s cheesecake photos, but he was quoted talking about Bush the other day in that weird way that people do when they are physically attracted to someone.  And Bush seems to get a lot of that.  He has some sort of weird cult thing going on with his followers and I don’t mean that in a good way.

I swear I will not be surprised to find out when this administration is all over that Bush had some sort of weird cult thing going on complete with weird sex with Bush the dominant Manson figure in the whole network of folk that seem to be weirdly in love with him on a personal and physical level regardless of gender. It would sure explain a lot.  Anyway, that is again, just a thought.