By their supporters

Obama's supporters come in all shades and agesBy their Supporters


I have always said, by their supporters shall you know the candidate.  If angry and yes, bitter people support a candidate it is probably because they themselves are bitter and angry.  If bigoted and racist people support a candidate, it is because the candidate themselves is bigoted and racist.  So, I am distressed to find that Hillary’s supporters are a bit delusional when it comes to their grip on reality.  And I hate saying this of my fellow democrats.

Hillary's supporters are all white and oldHere is the problem.  Hillary is winning the poorer educated bloc of the democratic party.  Intelligent people are going to Obama.  So, Hillary is shoring up her base to get them out to vote.  By playing the race card, gender card, age card and playing games with the facts – seriously.  It is this last bit, playing games with the facts that has convinved me I don’t want her as our president.  I have had enough of non-reality based decision making from the past 8 years.  This time, I want someone who has their feet firmly on the ground and seems to be honest enough that they can restore our moral standing in the world.  Hillary looses on both of those counts.

Anyway, why I am writing this is because I was reading an article by Tom Hayden, whom I have always respected, about why he supports Obama.  Then I went to the “Progressives for Obama” website, which Hayden set up.  As I was reading through the comments, there was a Hillary supporter wanting to know why Obama wanted to disenfranchise Florida voters.  As a Florida voter who was disenfranchised, this really ticked me off. 

It pisses me off when outsiders claim to be outraged on my behalf.  I am pissed that I was disenfranchised.  But Obama didn’t disenfranchise us.  The Democratic National Committee did. Obama had nothing to do with it.   My ire is reserved for the DNC, not either presidential candidates, who had no choice but to go along with the rules the DNC decided to enforce.  So, I have refused to give money to the DNC because of their decision.

Now, as to whether Florida should count in the delegate race.  It doesn’t really matter.  It won’t change the outcome of the delegate race.  That being said, it wasn’t a fair contest.  Obama didn’t come to Florida in the month preceding the primary, though he did run a tv ad that I saw all of one time.  Hillary on the other hand, was in the state a few times, specifically the weekend before our primary meeting she was in my county meeting, greeting and “fundraising.”  Yeah, right.  She was campaigning here and it was clear that she was.  She is being duplicitous when she claims Obama campaigned and she didn’t.  He at least stayed away in the crucial pre-vote weekend.  She did not.

As for Michigan, this is an even bigger straw man.  Hillary’s name was the only one on the ballot.  Of course she won.  Anyone with a reasonable sense of fairness would acknowledge that Michigan can’t be counted because her competitor wasn’t even on the ballot. 

Of course, you could always give Obama the remaining 45% of the votes that were uncommitted.  That’s right.  When Hillary was the only candidate on the ballot where no one competed, she only got 55% of the vote. Hardly a win I would be touting as proof of how popular I am.  I mean really, when you run against yourself and nearly half of the people vote against you, you have serious electibility problems. The fact that she is using Michigan as proof she is more electible then Obama, is just plain bizarre.  And one of the main reasons why I really don’t’ want her to be president.

Hillary will pander to anyoneWhen Obama supporters say Hillary will do anything to win, it is usually Michigan we are referring to.  It isn’t just that she wants to change the rules mid-game like a 3 year old does.  It isn’t just that she has had her surrogates make bigoted, stupid false statements to shore up her uneducated base.  It isn’t just that she has lied repeatedly about stupid things, like landing under sniper fire. It isn’t just that whenever someone points our her flaws, she cries foul and says she is being beat up because she is a woman, but then claims Obama can’t stand the heat. It is that her attempt to twist the Michigan result, which wasn’t a good showing for her and which would offend any one with any sense of fair play, that is evidence of her willingness to do anything and say anything to get elected.

Smart people know, the more people lie and twist the little easily confirmed details, the more you can’t trust them on the big things.  Her lying pathology and willingness to twist and distort is seriously reminding me of Bush.  And I know that is a taboo thing to say, but that is how I feel when I hear her latest rationales for what votes should and shouldn’t count and her latest metric by which we should judge success on this campaign, which again has nothing to do with how the rules were set up and that she agreed to.  I am so sick of Bush et al changing rules and re-inventing metrics, I hate that Hillary is doing it to.  I don’t want 4 more years of the same sort of politics Bush has been using.  Period.  Like it or not, Hillary has been playing the same sort of political game that Bush has been playing.  I can’t vote for her because of that.  I really do want something new.