Candidate Comparison

Que es mas bueno?  Hillary or Obama?Candidate Comparison


Back in February, Grassroots Mom posted an article on DailyKos comparing the track records of Clinton and Obama.  She didn’t want to buy into the Obama hype and was equally skeptical of Clinton’s claims to being more experienced.  She did really excellent research on and only looked at the 2007 legislative year.   What she was looking for was not just the types of bills introduced, but also, how successful the candidates were at getting their legislation passed.  What she found apparently surprised her.

See complete article here.

But, to give you a heads up – Obama’s record is really good.  Clinton – not so good.  Most of her bills never got any co-sponsors and were not passed.  Obama’s legislation routinely drew many co-sponsors from different parties and his track record of getting his legislation passed is much much better.

The other thing that interested her was that Clinton’s proposed legislation was almost all about health care.  She certainly does care about this issue.  Obama introduced legislation on health care and a whole host of other issues including Iran, global warming, poverty, Blackwater, campaign finance and veterans issues.  Obama’s scope of concern is apparently much wider then Hillary’s.

Grassroots Mom’s was looking to see not only which candidate had the better track record, but also consider how important it will be for the next president to not just have good ideas but also be able convince people to pass those good ideas.   Her conclusion is that Obama is the far better candidate.   She likes Hillary, it is just that Obama has a wider scope of interests and when he proposes legislation he is also able to get people to go along with him.  Something Hillary has never seemed to manage.   Grassroots Mom gave her first donation of the campaign to Obama after doing this research.   Way to go!

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