Don’t Be a Jerk

Humanist Thought of the Week: 8 24 2010

Don’t be a jerk   

This much should be obvious.

But because this is a topic of conversation in the Freethought movement at the moment,

I thought I would provide three simple rules on how not to be a jerk. 

Rule #1: Don’t debate everyone you meet. 

Very few people want to have their worldview challenged while buying ice cream.

So seriously – let it go.

Rule #2:  Don’t be a zealot. 

Even if it’s for a good cause, zealotry is creepy.

Food for thought, if the Freethought movement didn’t have it’s fair share of zealot jerks, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now would we!

Rule #3: Don’t treat people of faith as if they are your enemy. 

Just because they believe differently then you, doesn’t mean they are doing the devil’s handiwork.

Most are good people so don’t try to save them all through conversion either.

The few people who do hold radical views usually do so because they are afraid

So try and show a little compassion to them and don’t be such a jerk. 

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