Humanist Thought of the Week: 5 25 2010


Everyone experiences it to a greater or lesser extent.

While fear can serve a good purpose by keeping you out of trouble.

Irrational fears can unnecessarily paralyze you.

One of the big reasons why people don’t try to make their lives better is fear.

The trick is in knowing whether your fear is rational or not.

When faced with fear, I confront it first by thinking about it.

What could happen? How can I protect myself against it happening?

I honestly assess the risk.

Because I will not allow myself to be paralyzed by fear.

So after taking whatever precautions I decided to take.

I take a deep breath, tell myself it will be ok, and then go out and face the big bad world. 

On purpose.

It’s ok to be afraid.  It is not ok to become paralyzed by it.

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