Offshore Drilling Scam

Offshore drilling is a scamOffshore Drilling Scam


According to the front-page headline in my local paper yesterday, 60% plus of my fellow Floridians mistakenly believe that increased offshore drilling will help reduce gas prices. We apparently believe this nonsense despite the ready availability of information to the contrary.

More drilling is an illusion that won’t change anything! McCain and his economic advisor/lobbyist for the oil industry Phil Graham spoke the truth when they said that allowing more offshore drilling would provide “mostly a psychological benefit.” Translation: they are pretending to do something while actually doing nothing so that you will want to re-elected them.

What will actually reduce gas prices? Ending futures trading in the oil market. If we do that, gas prices should drop dramatically in about 1 month. Why don’t the Republicans want us to end a practice that used to be illegal and is currently ruining our economy? Because they are making a ton of money right now and they really don’t care about us or about our financial troubles. They are hoping that we the people of the United States of America are just too stupid to recognize a red herring when we are presented with one. Offshore drilling is a big fat red political herring and according to this poll, we are buying it hook line and sinker. If we truly are too stupid to tell when people like Phil Graham and his puppet McCain are feeding us a load of BS, then we deserve 4 more years of the same crappy economy the Republicans have given us.

And, to add fuel to the stupidity of this. The last time they suggested it – the military was quite upset. They really don’t want oil rigs off the Florida coast. It would be a huge hazard to them because that is where their training jets fly. We have several airforce bases here.

To find out what the House Committee on Natural Resources thinks about the efficacy of expanding the number of permits for offshore drilling – read their report here.