Grand Old Police State

GOP = Grand Old Police StateWhich party is promoting a police state?

The GOP and people on the right are complaining and screaming that the Obama administration is trying to turn the US into a police state ala Hitler. Yet, it is the GOP and folks on the right who are the one proposing all the policies that would turn us into an actual police state.  And at this point, I am starting to get pissed.  Mostly because they are proposing such legislation in Florida, where I live.

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What the Heck is Going on?

The Family is responsible for all that is wrong with our governmentWhat
is wrong with our Government?


Ok. So, we have US Senators committing violations of the
Logan Act
and we have all sort of senators trying to convert health care
reform into a government giveaway to the health insurance industry to the detriment
of both our wallets and our health. Now, I do watch Keith Olbermann. Not for
the news, but for his commentary. And lately he has been asking, what is going
on. He hasn’t figured out that the problem is that ALL the senators in questions
are members of a religious cult known as the Family.
And their actions are totally consistent with historic policy promoted by the
Family. And in case you aren’t family with The Family, I suggest you read the
Basically, all the crappy foreign policy debacles the US has been
involved in are the Families fault.

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What do you know about climate change?

Climate Literacy for the massesClimate Literacy


NOAA’s Climate Program Office recently published a set of guiding principles for making informed decisions about climate change. It is a very good set of princples definitely inspired by Humanism. This makes me very happy because, I believe that Humanism, as a methodology, is one of the best methods of problem solving. It starts with a belief that we can take constructive action as humans to make things better (as opposed to simply praying or offering sacrafices). And as a method of problem solving, it insists on having accurate information about the problem we are trying to solve before attempting to solve it. Yeah – I know, its a radical idea (even after all these years). Anyhoo – NOAA has decided that the public needs to have a basic level of literacy about climate change if we are to have a rational discussion on how to solve this problem. How very Humanist of them. The entire document can be found here. A synpopsis of the principles is below.

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Bachmann, Boehner Overtime

Bachmann and Boehner - what a lovely pair of nutbag and boozerBachmann, Boehner Overtime


Musings on current politics:  So Michelle Bachmann has called for armed insurrection against our democratically elected government. Pretty sure that is treasonous.  However, I don’t like the idea of tamping down on anyone’s free speech.  The problem is that her base is just as nutty as she is and the likelihood that they do indeed have arms they can raise is scary.    So, as of this moment, her nuttiness isn’t amusing anymore.  She is potentially encouraging real nutbags to violence against their fellow citizens.  Not good.  As for Representative John Boehner, is it just me? Or does he look like an early stage rummy?  Seriously, every time I see him speak, I think he must be drunk.  He just seems like the sort of guy who takes a 3-martini lunch and then goes back to work and thinks no one can tell.  Why they allow him to speak to the press in such a state is beyond me.  But if he has big boss aspirations, it would certainly explain why no one was able to stop him from holding a big press conference to unveil the republican’s non-budget budget. If Bachmann and Boehner are really the main voices of the Republican party, the GOP is in big trouble.  Can someone tell them their 15 minutes are up already?