4 Reasons to Practice Compassion

Compassion as a Problem Solving Technique

4 Reasons to Practice Compassion

As a Humanist educator, my job is to teach people how to solve their problems in a reasonable, compassionate and ethical way. To me, compassion is an integral part of my problem solving process. There is a reason why every major religion and philosophy emphasizes compassion. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that most people don’t take the time to utilize or practice.

You may be wondering what compassion has to do with problem solving because problem solving is an intellectual activity, something you have to think to do.  Compassion is an emotion, what does compassionate have to do with thinking rationally? 

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There are no good reasons for your ethics

There can be no reasons

There is no absolute basis for ethics. It is all subjective and it’s all situational. Get over it and get on with trying to be a good person.

Your brain is a gooshy mess. Don't expect perfection from it.

The main drawback of being a “philosopher” for a living is that you have to deal with minutia experts. These are people who are a bit obsessive about making sure everything in their philosophy fits perfectly.  Even if they like something and agree with it in principal and practice it as a person, they feel compelled to seek out the nooks and crannies to satisfy themselves that everything is as they should be. What they seek is a perfect philosophy. The problem is that there is no such thing as a perfect philosophy. 

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Bad Religion

Imagine No ReligionBad Religion?

2 different studies have recently come to my attention regarding the role religion plays in our lives and whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Apparently, the more religious a society is, the less healthy it is yet, people are happiest when they have a social network that they usually get from religion.  So….. mixed results.

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Why it pays to be a Skeptic

Palm Reading is a scamPalm Reading Scams

Just another reason why it pays to be a Skeptic


Ok – it has happened again – a palm reader has bilked a group of people out of lots of money.  Seems like this happens every year or so in our county – you would think people would learn.  This time it was the Latino community taking in by a Senora Sara.  What surprised me wasn’t that it happened, as I said, it happens every year or so.  What actually caught my eye was that the amount stolen was so little, only $25k.  And yes, I know that is a lot, but previous takes were in the $50k range.  This psychic left town after only taking $25k.

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