Quantifiable Looniness

Now we know just how crazy the Republicans areQuantifiable Looniness


At last, someone has quantified what I have been saying for the last few years (see my first article from 2006 and again in 2007).  There is apparently a significant portion of our population (~10%) that cannot discern between reality and fantasy.  I am talking of course about the “birthers.”  I think we should look at this as an opportunity.  With this issue we can clearly see that there is a reality deficit problem with about 10% of our population. This isn’t an issue that you can have different opinions on.  There is reality and there is fantasy.  I really think that someone needs to do a formal study to see what exactly is wrong with these people. I have posited that they have problems with memory function.  But it could be anything. 

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Joss Whedon on Humanism

Joss Whedon on Humanism


This is a video of Joss Whedon (creater of Buffy and Serenity) talking about Humanism at Harvard. And yes, lots of Sci Fi writers are Humanists. But I am sharing this because he says something very important about Humanism at the end. And that is that religion isn’t the enemy of Humanism. Hate is.