What we say matters

Language’s Slippery Slope

Why the words we choose really do matter. And why harmless teasing is rarely harmless.

No JerksSuddenly, I find that I’m a rabid feminist.  I didn’t mean to be. I’m actually a Humanist and I really like men. Most men anyway. My husband for sure.

Anyway, a fellow Humanist who will remain nameless because this isn’t about him, called a female politician a cunt who should suck his dick because he was mad she had made a racist comment. I have been banned from this man’s page for pointing out how incredibly rude and sexist his comment was. I’m ok with that. I actually normally like his blog so I was a bit shocked when he banned me over this but if he isn’t ethical enough to admit he made a mistake, and apologize and move on, then so be it. That’s his problem.

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Traitor or Hero

Traitor or Hero

What can we learn about how to think about ethics from Bradley Manning?


It turns out that Bradley Manning, the young soldier at the center of the wikileaks scandal, is a Humanist. And according to The Hindu, which is actually covering his trial (see: http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/world/humanist-manning-wanted-to-lift-fog-of-war/article4782008.ece) His defense is that he is a Humanist and therefore a whistle blower and not a traitor.

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GOP Candidate Round Up

My take on the GOP Presidential Candidates

The 2012 GOP Candidates

I realize no one asked for my opinion. I’m a democrat and I don’t like any of the candidates running for the GOP nomination and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to vote for any of them for president.  Still, I have an opinion and I feel compelled to share it. That’s what blogs are for. You’ve been warned.

Here is my gut level response about what these candidates are about. What I like, don’t like and perhaps think is funny about them.  I will then take the three front runners and run them through my 4 score test (which is my theory that the candidate that is perceived to be most honest, hard working, compassionate & rugged individual wins the election.)

Anyway – let’s start with gut level reactions.

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