Doubt vs. Certitude

Doubt vs. Certitude

Why facing reality with doubt is better than religious certitude.

Religious Certitude is Dangerous

I got a tweet from Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church the other day. It was about bullying. My point was that you don’t have to suffer at the hands of a bully. You can do something to get it to stop. You just need to learn what to do and how to do it. Her response was that the only thing that ever works is to obey God.

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Why Santorum’s Religion Matters

Does Santorum believe the Pope is Infallible?Why Santorum’s Religion Matters

Santorum’s religion is and should be an issue in this election. And before you all accuse me of being a religious bigot, let me point out that I don’t think any other candidate’s religion is an issue. True, I think the fact Romney wears magical underwear is weird, but magical underwear isn’t going to impact his ability to be a good President. Santorum’s beliefs, on the other hand, will. Here’s why.

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