Why Is It Always Fox?

Fox News Viewers believe some wacky thingsWhy is it Always Fox


So, during the current health care debate – I was asked why I assumed that people opposed to it because they were afraid it would require euthanasia for the elder got their information from Fox News.  I was told it was insulting to assume that.  And then, of course, I was told by the very people that I suspected got their misinformation from Fox, that they were indeed Fox viewers.  Leaving aside the fact I was right, they did get their mis-information from Fox, I do want to answer the question as to why I suspect people to be Fox viewers whenever I hear a bit of fear mongered nonsense in an otherwise sane political debate.  

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McCain, Palin & Horsesh*t

McCain, Palin and Horsesh*t

McCain appears to have a Palin problem


Ok, I have been trying not to write about Gov Palin for a while.  Thought it better to focus on McCain, but really, something has come up that just has me seriously wigged.  Sarah Palin doesn’t read the newspaper!

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