Why Santorum’s Religion Matters

Does Santorum believe the Pope is Infallible?Why Santorum’s Religion Matters

Santorum’s religion is and should be an issue in this election. And before you all accuse me of being a religious bigot, let me point out that I don’t think any other candidate’s religion is an issue. True, I think the fact Romney wears magical underwear is weird, but magical underwear isn’t going to impact his ability to be a good President. Santorum’s beliefs, on the other hand, will. Here’s why.

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Inoculating Against Bullying

Inoculate and Insulate Against BullyingInoculating Against Bullying

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Not just because of the recent death of Jamey Rodemeyer, but because it really seems to be a problem that defies a solution. Not just in schools, but for adults as well. My mom always taught me that bullying behavior is about the bully and their insecurities and usually has nothing to do with the victim of the bullying. If you ignore them and don’t respond to them emotionally, they will go find someone else to bully who will. When I first had to deal with bullying in school, this advice worked wonderfully.

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Honor Killings and Women’s Rights

honor killings and forced marriagesHonor Killings and the Rights of women

I was asked by a friend to write something about this issue.  We have all heard the stories; honor killings and attempted honor killings are on the rise in western countries. Cultural practices being brought over by immigrant groups. And no, this isn’t just a problem with Islam, though those are often the most high profile cases of late. The UN Population Fund estimates that 5,000 women are killed annual in the name of honor.

Unfortunately, this problem is linked to that of forced child marriage. In England 100s of girls go missing every year, sent “home” to get married to men they don’t know. If they resist, they are beaten and sometimes killed.  There are support groups across Europe designed to help young girls escape this fate, most notably in England, where hundreds of school girls disappear every year because their families take them out of the country to marry them to complete strangers.

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Why Humanism Matters

Stephen Fry is a Humanist for all the right reasonsWhy Humanism matters

This past week British comedian Stephen Fry came out officially as a Humanist.  He has been well known as a non-believer and a supporter of Humanism for years, but this week he officially joined the British Humanist Association as a distinguished supporter.

When asked why he said that “At a time when the achievements of the enlightenment are questioned, ridiculed, misunderstood and traduced by those who would reverse the progress of mankind, it is essential to nail one’s colours to the mast as a humanist.”

He is absolutely right.  Because we are living in a time when the ideals of Humanism are under explicit attack from close minded ideologues, we who hold Humanist values and ideals have an obligation to stand up and declare ourselves as Humanist.  If we don’t stand up for those values, who will?

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