Comforting the Non-Religious

The greater the grief, the greater the loveComforting People Who Lack Faith


Today in my local paper, a McClatchy Newspaper, in their Faith and Accent section they had a column where they asked two different faith leaders questions about various religious issues.  Todays question was about how to comfort a grieving person who lacks faith.  The answers came from pastors of a Catholic Church and a Unity Church. They should have asked a Humanist Celebrant what we who lack faith need while grieving. Certainly, someone who lacks faith is knowledgeable about this subject then someone who believes.

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I like to Move It

Madagascar 2 was a really fun movieIs it just me?


I have a 3 year old.  So, we go to McDonald’s at least once a week. They just concluded their Madagascar 2 promotion where they were giving talking characters away with the happy meals.   What has me annoyed is that they choose the worst audio clips for these toys.  The Zebra Marty could have said “You guys are Cracka-Lackin.” Instead it says “I like the boy!”  The male hippo Moto could have said “Oh my, you are humungous.” Instead, he says, “Mmmmm” and “I know I’m every hippo’s dream.”  Every time I hear them speak I think, why oh why didn’t they use the iconic quotes instead of this terrible fluff instead.  And yeah – I do need to let this go.  At least the King Julien toy sings “I’ve got to move it move it.”