Because I said so – a lesson in Humanistic Parenting

Because I said so

Why kids not only have a right to know why there are rules, they need to know. A lesson in Humanistic Parenting.

Humanistic Parenting - discipline with reason, not fear

I am a Humanist parent. Recently I read an essay by Jon Rosemond, a parenting expert, who was talking about how important it is for a parent to say, “because I said so” to a child. His reasoning is that kids need to learn to respect authority because in the real world, they are going to need to obey authority. Also, he thinks kids aren’t capable of understanding an adult’s reasoning so there is no point in sharing your reasoning with a child.


He’s wrong on both counts.

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Proselytizing vs. Witnessing

What is HumanismWitnessing vs. Proselytizing

There is a lot of discussion within the larger freethought/skeptic/atheist/humanist community about approach. How do we approach and deal with people who disagree with us about something as fundamental as our basic worldview without denying our own viewpoint.

What I hear from people who want to do Freethought or Humanist outreach, but who don’t want to compromise their non-belief is how to talk to people of faith to help them understand our approach without pissing them off. Granted, there are some in our movement who are happy to piss people off, but those of us who want to be understood, understand pissing people off isn’t conducive to real dialog.

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Demon Fighting 101 and Other Nonsense

fighting 101 and other nonsense


Ok – so I am an atheist and I don’t believe in things like demons.
But I am going to let you in on a secret. Many atheists love the idea of supernatural
things even though we know better. Case in point. I saw Paranormal
and boy – what an ookey movie.

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