Dealing with Stress and Fear

Dealing with Stress and Fear

Is it harder to overcome fear without a belief in a higher power?

Fear is rarely rational


This morning’s listening is from The Motivation Manifesto, and it’s got me thinking. What are your thoughts?

"It is difficult to accept but no less true: If fear is winning in our lives, it is because we simply keep choosing over our other impulses to be strong or bold or great."

Is it harder to overcome fear without a belief in a higher power to "give it over to", or should it be easier, since all we’ve ever relied on are ourselves and the people around us, so we’ve already overcome plenty?

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grief extinction process

5 Stages of Grief from an Operant Conditioning Perspective

The 5 stages of grief are a perfect example of an extinction burst. This knowledge can help you not only experience grief more quickly, but get to acceptance more easily.

Grief experience

The 5 stages of grief are listed as:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • And acceptance.

These stages don’t necessarily occur in order and different people spend a different amount of time in each stage.  The final stage being acceptance.  For more on the stages of grief and how people experience them visit this psych central article:

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Big Idea 2014 – Stop Bullying

What the Big Idea? Stop Bullying.

Isn’t it time we actually learn what works to stop bullying?

A fairer and more just world isn't going to happen on its own

As much as I hate to use buzz words, we are due for a paradigm shift when it comes to how we deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination in society. This is a problem that has plagued school children since forever. And even if we are lucky enough to survive childhood, the bullies follow us into the workforce.

The problem is so pervasive; most people have come to believe that there is nothing that can be done to stop bullying and harassment. But that isn’t true. There is something that can be done.  Bullying and harassments are behaviors and they lend themselves to a behavioral solution.

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What aren’t you scared?

Why aren’t you scared? (My advice)

Humanism is joyous service to mankind


God definitely exists and I know I’m going to heaven. But for atheists aren’t they scared? My priest told me that If I’m a good person I will go to heaven. And when I get to heaven I will get everything I want. So now that I know my God loves me then why don’t more people want to go to heaven…


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Shared Philosophy or Shared Ethics

Share Philosophy or Shared Ethics?

We are all different. Let it Be


What is more important? Shared philosophy or shared ethics.

(Note: This question was asked on Quora and dealt with what the differences and similarities were between Christina philosophic approach to ethics and the Humanist approach.)


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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Why Worry About the Future

How to cope with anxiety when it won’t do you any good.

Fear is Rarely Rational

We all worry about the future. For instance, right now I am waiting on some contracts that could change my life.  It’s a bit nerve wracking. Or it should be. Mostly – I just keep plodding along hoping for the best not really spending much time thinking about it.

How do I manage to stay so calm? Well, practice.  Meditation helps, certainly. But I also understand that the best way to ensure a good future is for me to actively work towards it.

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How to deal with your fears about others

Hate how you feel about others?

You aren’t alone. How reminding yourself that others are human too can help you overcome your hatred/disgust/annoyance regarding others.

Stop looking for the flaws in others and focus on yourself

I like to joke that I’m a Humanist, which means I like people in the abstract, real people tend to annoy me.  But I’ve found that the more I’ve actively tried to practice humanism in my everyday life – like when I’m at the supermarket or in a crowd of people, the less annoyed or frustrated I am with people.

It is very easy to assume you know what motivates another person. But until you talk to them, you don’t really know. And even then, you still don’t.   

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Finding meaning in your life

Finding Your Purpose

We all need goals – the problem is – what goals will help us to feel fulfilled?

Making a fairer world isn't going to happen on its own

Finding meaning and purpose in your life is one of the great problems of existence.  Without a purpose we feel lost.  Sure, we get up and eat and continue to breathe, but we don’t feel fulfilled and we don’t have a sense of purpose. Without a purpose or a goal to pursue, we suffer from ennui.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, all you need is a purpose. But not any old purpose. Because people’s whose purpose is just to get rich or get married or have kids, they tend to suffer from mid-life crisis at some point. Basically, once they’ve accomplish their goals – they are left without goals and have to deal with their brain repeating “now what” in an endless loop.

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