A Realistic Approach to Bullying

Realistically Dealing with Bullying

There is no magic way to get rid of bullying. It’s time to get real.

A fairer more just world isn't going to happen on it's own. Humanism

Ever since I wrote my book, The Bully Vaccine (http://thebullyvaccine.com/), I’ve become more and more enmeshed in the anti-bullying world.  And the thing I’ve noticed most is that people looking for help, rarely seem to get the help they need despite there being a lot of anti-bullying resources available on the web and in schools etc.

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Proselytizing vs. Witnessing

What is HumanismWitnessing vs. Proselytizing

There is a lot of discussion within the larger freethought/skeptic/atheist/humanist community about approach. How do we approach and deal with people who disagree with us about something as fundamental as our basic worldview without denying our own viewpoint.

What I hear from people who want to do Freethought or Humanist outreach, but who don’t want to compromise their non-belief is how to talk to people of faith to help them understand our approach without pissing them off. Granted, there are some in our movement who are happy to piss people off, but those of us who want to be understood, understand pissing people off isn’t conducive to real dialog.

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Hurray for Happy People

happy people make the world a better placeHappy
People are Good for the Planet


So, contemplating happiness on the way home today. I do that a
lot when I am driving. Have to think of something. Anyway, I was thinking about
how my current best friend is religious and it doesn’t matter to me. First,
she doesn’t proselytize. And I do think proselytization is offense, even when
done by atheists. What really matters to me is that she is a happy person and
a good person. And that is all I really care about anyway. And then it dawned
on me. I am not sure you can be a good person if you are not a happy person.
Excluding people with clinical mood or personality disorders. If an otherwise
normal person isn’t happy, chances are they aren’t a very good person. Which
comes first? Happiness or being good? I don’t’ know, but I do know there is
a link between the two. Perhaps that is why Humanism focuses so much on human
happiness. It isn’t hedonistic. It is about making the world a better place.
Even at its most basic level, happy people are better for society then unhappy