Bad Religion

Imagine No ReligionBad Religion?

2 different studies have recently come to my attention regarding the role religion plays in our lives and whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Apparently, the more religious a society is, the less healthy it is yet, people are happiest when they have a social network that they usually get from religion.  So….. mixed results.

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By their supporters

Obama's supporters come in all shades and agesBy their Supporters


I have always said, by their supporters shall you know the candidate.  If angry and yes, bitter people support a candidate it is probably because they themselves are bitter and angry.  If bigoted and racist people support a candidate, it is because the candidate themselves is bigoted and racist.  So, I am distressed to find that Hillary’s supporters are a bit delusional when it comes to their grip on reality.  And I hate saying this of my fellow democrats.

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Candidate Comparison

Que es mas bueno?  Hillary or Obama?Candidate Comparison


Back in February, Grassroots Mom posted an article on DailyKos comparing the track records of Clinton and Obama.  She didn’t want to buy into the Obama hype and was equally skeptical of Clinton’s claims to being more experienced.  She did really excellent research on and only looked at the 2007 legislative year.   What she was looking for was not just the types of bills introduced, but also, how successful the candidates were at getting their legislation passed.  What she found apparently surprised her.

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