What the Heck is Going on?

The Family is responsible for all that is wrong with our governmentWhat
is wrong with our Government?


Ok. So, we have US Senators committing violations of the
Logan Act
and we have all sort of senators trying to convert health care
reform into a government giveaway to the health insurance industry to the detriment
of both our wallets and our health. Now, I do watch Keith Olbermann. Not for
the news, but for his commentary. And lately he has been asking, what is going
on. He hasn’t figured out that the problem is that ALL the senators in questions
are members of a religious cult known as the Family.
And their actions are totally consistent with historic policy promoted by the
Family. And in case you aren’t family with The Family, I suggest you read the
Basically, all the crappy foreign policy debacles the US has been
involved in are the Families fault.

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Bachmann, Boehner Overtime

Bachmann and Boehner - what a lovely pair of nutbag and boozerBachmann, Boehner Overtime


Musings on current politics:  So Michelle Bachmann has called for armed insurrection against our democratically elected government. Pretty sure that is treasonous.  However, I don’t like the idea of tamping down on anyone’s free speech.  The problem is that her base is just as nutty as she is and the likelihood that they do indeed have arms they can raise is scary.    So, as of this moment, her nuttiness isn’t amusing anymore.  She is potentially encouraging real nutbags to violence against their fellow citizens.  Not good.  As for Representative John Boehner, is it just me? Or does he look like an early stage rummy?  Seriously, every time I see him speak, I think he must be drunk.  He just seems like the sort of guy who takes a 3-martini lunch and then goes back to work and thinks no one can tell.  Why they allow him to speak to the press in such a state is beyond me.  But if he has big boss aspirations, it would certainly explain why no one was able to stop him from holding a big press conference to unveil the republican’s non-budget budget. If Bachmann and Boehner are really the main voices of the Republican party, the GOP is in big trouble.  Can someone tell them their 15 minutes are up already?

Good Science Education is Important

civics education is critical to the survival of our democracyCivics and Science


Finally got around to reading my latest Humanist magazine from the American Humanist Association. I was reading a really large book that I needed to return to the library so I wasn’t able to get to this until now. Anyway – they have an article from Judge John Jones III who accepted the AHA’s Humanist Religious Liberty Award last year. In it he talks about the Dover PA Intelligent Design case and his role in it. In this article he describes the school board as being out of control and run by young earth creationists who he also describes as "bullies, quite frankly." It is a very interesting read and focuses mostly on how most people in America do not understand our government and we must do better on civics education if we want our democracy to stand. I think he is right on and I think that is something that Humanists could offer our communities as part of our Humanist outreach. Humanism is after all the philosophy of Democracy. You have to believe people are basically good and can manage their own affairs to even conceve of Democracy. If you think people are bad and need to be controlled you set up monarchies, theocracies and other forms of dictatorship. Anyway – there was an excellent paragraph that summed the whole thing up and includes his feelings on the importance of science education as well.

"The issue of good civics educaiton goes to the survival of our American democracy, because if you don’t understand what your rights are, if you don’t understand the constitution and its Bill of Rights, then you stand ready to lose those rights. But the issue of good science education – and I don’t think this is an overstatement – goes to the longevity and the suvival of the people of all nations. It’s that important."

– Judge John E Jones III