Moral reasons not to do drugs

Blood on the streets of Ciudad Juarez
Not doing drugs is a moral imperative


Doing illegal drugs kills people.  Maybe not you.  Maybe not anyone you know personally.  But the drug wars that go on in Afghanistan and Mexico and elsewhere to control the illegal drug trades are deadly.  Just look at what life is like in Ciudad Juarez!  If you are doing illegal drugs, you are responsible for what is happening there.  Don’t want those deaths on your conscious?  Then DON”T DO ILLEGAL DRUGS!  And by the way – these wars are spilling over into America.  So get your moral head on straight.  Doing illegal drugs is not a harmless crime.

[Photo is of a man cleaning blood from the sidewalk where 17 people were shot in Ciudad Juarez this past Sept. By AP Photos]

What the Heck is Going on?

The Family is responsible for all that is wrong with our governmentWhat
is wrong with our Government?


Ok. So, we have US Senators committing violations of the
Logan Act
and we have all sort of senators trying to convert health care
reform into a government giveaway to the health insurance industry to the detriment
of both our wallets and our health. Now, I do watch Keith Olbermann. Not for
the news, but for his commentary. And lately he has been asking, what is going
on. He hasn’t figured out that the problem is that ALL the senators in questions
are members of a religious cult known as the Family.
And their actions are totally consistent with historic policy promoted by the
Family. And in case you aren’t family with The Family, I suggest you read the
Basically, all the crappy foreign policy debacles the US has been
involved in are the Families fault.

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As If

As If

A discussion on the continued problem of segregation in America

Sept 30 2004

Author’s Note:  I was asked to write this essay about my thoughts on how to solve this persistent problem.  My way of viewing this issue is novel and hopefully, non-offensive.  But, because this is a sensitive issue, I ask that regardless of your individual prejudices, you read this with an open and honest mind.  It is likely that my way of thinking about this issue, and my suggestions for how to deal with it will require a re-adjustment in your thinking to understand and implement.  So be patient in your reading, and honest with yourself, and please don’t jump to conclusions about my underlying assumptions.  I don’t have a hidden agenda and my only prejudice is against people who are stupid on purpose (i.e. those who had an opportunity to be educated but didn’t take advantage of it.)  Thanks for your patience, Jennifer Hancock

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