Joss Whedon on Humanism

Joss Whedon on Humanism


This is a video of Joss Whedon (creater of Buffy and Serenity) talking about Humanism at Harvard. And yes, lots of Sci Fi writers are Humanists. But I am sharing this because he says something very important about Humanism at the end. And that is that religion isn’t the enemy of Humanism. Hate is.

Making Darwin Day Fun

Riding on a Galapagos Tortoise is the highlight of Darwin DayHow to Celebrate Darwin Day
A Guide for Families


For several years now pro-science individuals have taken to celebrating Darwin’s Birthday.  This holiday is now known as Darwin Day.  The problem for families with children is that very few of the planned activities to celebrate Darwin Day are family friendly.  There are also no readily available suggestions on how we can integrate this celebration of Darwin’s work and science in general into our family’s lives.  So what is a pro-science family to do?  Well, here are a few suggestions on how you can make Darwin Day an annual holiday that your family will look forward to every year.

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