We need to elect better politicians

Politics and Critical Thinking

Can we stop electing politicians who aren’t smart enough to think of the consequences of their proposals before they propose them?

Your actions have consequences. Choose wisely - humanism

Recently, the Oklahoma legislature proposed eliminating civil marriage. (see: http://www.snopes.com/politics/sexuality/okmarriage.asp)  Their reasoning for this bill is that they don’t want the state to approve gay marriage. Whether this bill will ever pass the senate or be signed into law by the governor is up for debate.  What I want to discuss is why critical thinking skills are important in politics.

Let’s say you agree with the premise of this bill. You don’t want gays to get married for whatever reason you have and since gay marriage is now legal, you think the best way to avoid having gays get married is to ban civil marriages.

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What is it like raising a gifted kid?

What is it like raising a gifted kid?

Gifted kids think differently and see the world differently and that difference is not measured on standardized tests!!

I have a highly gifted kid. He’s fun. I enjoy him. But school. It’s a bit of a problem. And that’s because while he scores in the 95% for things like math aptitude, he routinely scores in the 30% to 50% range on tests.  And it’s not because he gets the answers wrong. It’s because how he understands the problem is manifestly different from how normal people and the test designers understand the questions being asked so his correct answers are often marked wrong.

For instance – check out this test prep question.

array problem that stumps a gifted kid

It is a 3×4 array of blocks. You are asked to choose the division equation shown by the 3×4 array. The correct answer is obviously 12/3=4 

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What the Heck is Going on?

The Family is responsible for all that is wrong with our governmentWhat
is wrong with our Government?


Ok. So, we have US Senators committing violations of the
Logan Act
and we have all sort of senators trying to convert health care
reform into a government giveaway to the health insurance industry to the detriment
of both our wallets and our health. Now, I do watch Keith Olbermann. Not for
the news, but for his commentary. And lately he has been asking, what is going
on. He hasn’t figured out that the problem is that ALL the senators in questions
are members of a religious cult known as the Family.
And their actions are totally consistent with historic policy promoted by the
Family. And in case you aren’t family with The Family, I suggest you read the
Basically, all the crappy foreign policy debacles the US has been
involved in are the Families fault.

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