The Balancing Act

Humanist Thought of the Week: 8 31 2010

The balancing act      

It may seem contradictory that while we Humanists support religious freedom we are also openly critical of religion.

From our perspective though, it isn’t.

You see, for me, I really don’t care what other people believe, unless they believe their god wants them to kill other people.

It is only when someone tries to justify a horrid public policy agenda behind their religious beliefs that I even take notice of someone’s religion.

Then, I feel that it is my duty as a Humanist to say – hey, I seriously doubt your god wants you to kill other people.

I don’t see this sort of critique as infringing on anyone’s beliefs.

It is just me exercising my free speech rights to advocate for a more humane public policy.

Don’t want me to criticize your beliefs; don’t use them to justify abhorrent public policies.

It really is that simple.

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