The Muse of Capt Jack

John Barrowman - Another SideThe Muse of Capt Jack


OK – so it turns out that the super hot gay actor who plays Capt Jack on the Dr Who and Torchwood BBC series is also a stage actor well versed in musical theater.  And, he can sing!  He has several albums, the latest is “Another Side.”  It is an album of covers of love songs.  Really quite sappy.  And when I say sappy, I mean Lawrence Welk sappy.  Lots of violins, soft sappy vocals and heartfelt lyrics.  Despite all that, it is a really good album.

You kind of just have to give yourself over to it and take the entire album in as piece of art.  First off John Barrowman can sing.  He has a really nice voice with a good range.  And despite the fact that he is singing really nice songs in a super sappy way, you feel like this is the first time you have really understood the lyrics to those songs and understand what the songs are really about. Seriously, that takes some talent.

I was also amazed at just how much the string orchestration behind him really makes your emotions soar.  If you just allow the music to take you, you will be taken on a nice emotional journey – this is a love song album after all.  And the nice thing about it is that there are no nasty emotions getting in the way of the love vibe.  No angst, anger, frustration, or anything like that.  Just simply sappy love.  Honestly, I am not sure many of us are used to this sort of simple sappy upper class music anymore.  I know it took me by surprise and I am almost embarrassed to say how much I really do like the album.  It really does take a little getting used to.

So, here is the link to video of his first single – All Out of Love.  Don’t turn it off because you feel it is too sappy and lacks any emotional depth.  See it through. I can’t imbed his stuff, but here is an embedded video of his performance of Everything She Does is Magic from the UK version of dancing with the stars (and yes, they have their own version of the show). John just is super duper cool. He even dances!

If you decide you want his album, you will have to purchase it from (the uk version of amazon) and have it shipped.  John’s albums haven’t been released in the US.  And no, I don’t own any of his other albums, though I now want to purchase them.

As for other Dr Who news, turns out that Richard Dawkins will star in the final episode of next season’s Dr Who.   Pretty cool and thanks to Matt who kept me informed of this sorts of thing.  You all know what I like.