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US and the World

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I have about how the US is dealing with the rest of the world.


biggest role. I just attended a seminar on this last weekend. The number of people who get their news from the paper or radio is miniscule compared to

people getting their news from TV. And, with the rise of the conglomerate, the quality of TV reporting has plummeted. It is amazing what is not covered

on TV news despite the ready availability of it. They are not paying reporters to be independent; they don't like to do stories that tell the truth

because they are afraid of being sued. I no longer watch American news networks with the exception of ABC since the coverage and slant make it

impossible to get facts out of them. Instead, they pass off commentary as news. Just the other day, I saw an interview with John Kerry and Novack was

asking him about Michael Moore's comment at the Clark Rally. And, his producer let that question air. The only purpose that that question served was

to promote the concept that the Moore comment was out of line and untrue. Novack wasn't interested in interviewing Kerry or helping us the people of

America get to learn about him and his ideas and opinions. Funny, they have 24 hours to fill; you would think they could do something a little more in

depth and on the subject instead of allowing a partisan to inject the sound bite of the day onto the airwaves yet another time. The same problem is

occurring with Dean. If you watch the Dean Scream as it is being called, it is clear he was not upset, and was simply trying to rally his troops after a

disappointment. Yet, the spin that he was out of control and angry was the story, and no American TV news network bothered to take the other networks to

task about their obviously slanderous spin on the story. And then we wonder why the American people still don't believe that Bush lied to us about

IRAQ despite the fact and supporting evidence that they did. Why, because if they ran that story as anything other then someone else making an

allegation with the tone that it is inappropriate to point this out, they will get sued. And, they don't even have the guts to take the hit and stop

his tyranny over what and how they report. The problem I have been mulling is despite my feelings on the subject, how best could a valid candidate

manipulate this fear of loosing profits bias that the media has right now? If a candidate does not figure this out, they will not be able to reach the

mass of people who get their news from this medium that no longer cares to report the facts to the people.


AMERICAN? The values we hold. Our compassion for people all across the world.

Too often our

public policy is not made in the best interest of the people. This occurs for many reasons. Sometime politicians are too busy keeping their job to do

their job. Other times, we allow the smallest most annoying segment of our society dictate to the rest of us their prejudices because we don't want

to offend them by telling them their ideas are not only stupid, but also prejudiced. (I have an obligation to be intolerant of intolerance.) Sometimes I

think we get bad information, or don't want to deal with reality in a constructive way. We should not stop our forward progress to a peaceful and

just society just because a small number of petty people don't want to go with us. We need to create a society where everyone has equal opportunity

and equal rights, and not even give any time or credence to people who argue to the contrary. They are wrong, prejudiced, and petty, we should not be

allowing these people to dictate our public policy.

We should be a

leader and encourage the formation of a global government as we the people of this planet are struggling without one. All opposition to global

governance is a misguided attempt to turn back the clock. The nation state has gone the way of the city-state. It still has a role to play but is

inadequate to the problems our planet faces. As I see it, we can either be involved in creating a just and peaceful global society, or we can do what we

are doing now, and stick our head in the sands and be shocked as the world passes us by. America has a lot to offer. We are the country that managed to

get it right by shaking off the chains of religious persecution, and envisioning a society where everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit

of happiness. We are the country that everyone else tries to emulate because our society is the freest. We should not abandon our vision of a peaceful

and just society because a small segment of our society is scared of the world we find ourselves in. The debate over whether we should embrace globalism

is pointless. We live in a global society and are currently dealing with the negative effects of not having an effective system of global governance. If

we don't develop a system of global governance soon, the people of this planet will continue to needlessly suffer because of our