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Jen Hancock is truly AmericanTruly American

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am an American. Proud of that fact actually, even if, at times, I don’t like what my government does. Anyway, I did some research, spurred on by my brother and father and found that in many ways, my family tree is perfectly American. On the one hand, my family has been here since before our country was even founded. On the other, I come from recent immigrant stock. So, my family lineage represents what makes America truly great. Everyone was an immigrant at some point and it doesn’t matter how long you have been here, just that you are here and have embraced our collective experiment called "America."

Oh – and that being said, I am a Mayflower descendant. Just thought you might want to know. Now, for my family who has asked for this – I am putting together all the history on the Shaw Family side of things. My mom has been doing the Forman side and as soon as she has that posted somewhere I will add that to this page.

Ok – first up – Grandma Loretta’s family tree – She is in #9 Loretta Sophia Specht daughter of Joseph Specht and Anna Starbeck married to Jed Shaw.

Here is the Shaw family line going to John Shaw in England –
Jeremiah Shaw (#65 – married Esther Southworth – see below for Mayflower connection). His son #183 Jedediah Shaw was married to Martha Gore.

Which brings us to a short bio of Benjamin Flower Shaw (page 215 – if it doesn’t come up search for Shaw). Anyway – his bio says his parents were Alanson Shaw and Philomena Flower and his grandparents were Jedidiah Shaw and Martha Gore (see John Shaw family tree above) which is how we link to the John Shaw of England family tree.

So, basically, Jedidiah and Martha had a son Alanson Shaw who married Philomena Flower. They had 3 boys and 4 girls. Among the boys were Jedidiah Shaw my great grandfather and Benjamin Shaw (my great uncle – who incidentally helped found the Republican Party with Lincoln among other things).

My great grandfather Jedediah married Emeline Curtis and they had 3 children, Jed, Charles and Maude. Jed (or Jedediah Flower Shaw) is my grandfather who married Loretta Specht. They had 3 children Christopher, Jane and Thad. My dad is Christopher who married Joan Faith Forman.

My link to John Alden of the Mayflower is here: #767 Esther Southworth married Jeremiah Shaw. One of their sons was Jedediah Shaw my great great great grandfather. So Esther Southworth is my great great great great grandmother.

Which means I am a Mayflower descendent. Oh, and one of the Jeremiah Shaws fought in the revolutionary war (I can’t remember where I found that link but he fought in NY). And my great uncle Benjamin Flower Shaw helped found the Republican Party with Abraham Lincoln and was a well known abolitionist.

On the Shaw side and the John Alden side – we have obviously been here since the early 1600s. The Specht family came over in the early 1800s. On my mom’s side I am 2nd generation as my grandpa Forman was an immigrant from Beltsy Moldavia in Bessarabia and my grandma Forman was from Belarus.

An incomplete Forman/Sklarz family tree can be viewed here. My mother who put this together promises to format it correctly and put the pedigree together properly.