44: ABORTION: While I personally

have not had one and am grateful I was never in a situation where I would have to make such a difficult choice. I staunchly defend a woman's right

to choose what happens to her body. People, who seek to prevent a woman from having an abortion if she makes that decision, have basically decided that

they have the right to force motherhood on her. That to me is akin to slavery. Having been pregnant I can attest to just how much it takes from a body,

and to force that on someone who is not ready for that commitment, let alone the commitment of raising the child, is cruel. To be pregnant is to give up

your body and your life to another person (your baby). If you are not ready, or not in a financial situation to handle this, etc, it can be a

devastating blow from which a woman and her family might never recover. The wonderful part of living in the modern world is that we have the ability to

plan when and if to have a family. Abortion is a tool of last resort in our ability to plan our families, but a necessary one. Planning is central to

financial health. No one has a right to interfere with the decisions that a woman makes on behalf of herself and her family.

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Political Musings

Political Musings

The 3 smartest men running for president, Dodd, Edwards and Biden


Gosh it has been a busy week and there has been so much to comment on and simply not enough time to do any writing.  So, this post has a little about a lot in it.  First things first, the democratic primary.  I simply can’t seem to interest myself in the republican primary.  I am not going to vote in it so, whoever the Republicans want to put forward it there business.  I am a registered democrat so, I am interested in who we nominate.

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Was the 2000 Election Sabotaged?

Was the 2000 Election Sabotaged?

Dan Rather reported on HDnet just a couple of days ago that Sequoia Voting

Systems intentionally made the Palm Beach County ballots in 2000 different from normal specs. The differences in both paper quality and setting of the holes

both contributed to the problems seen with the ballots in Palm Beach County. The big question were these changes made only to encourage the adoption of touch

screen voting systems, that Sequoia also sells, or, were they also trying to influence the outcome of the election.

The first part of this hour long video is about the recent problems with touch screen systems. The real news about what

was happening at Sequoia in the run up to the 2000 election starts at 38 minutes, with the really really important allegations about the intentional changes

to specs for the Palm Beach County cards coming in at around 52 minutes. So, don’t just watch the start, if you need to, jump to the end and don’t miss

what these former Sequoia employees are saying.


Is Turd Blossom Gay?

Turd Blossom and His MasterIs Karl Rove gay?

Watching Keith Olberman last night

(Monday Aug 13), and his first segment was on Turd Blossom – aka Karl Rove.  He put up a quote from Rove about the first time he met Bush. 

My husband and I were both rather shocked.  It totally sounded like he was really physically attracted to Bush.  I mean really attracted.

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Clinton vs. Bush

Bush v ClintonBush and Clinton

Which is Worse?


I am continually shocked that there are people out there who think that Clinton, because he lied

about an extramarital affair is a worse president that Bush is.  Of course, the people who are making these claims never provide a side-by-side

comparison of the relative badness of Clinton v Bush.  So here is an incomplete comparison on which president was worse.

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Was Pat Tillman Murdered?

PatStill Lying about



They are still lying about Pat Tillman. And this

time, it is the mainstream news media that still doesn’t have the story right.  Even though it has been firmly established that Pat Tillman was

killed by his fellow soldiers, and the real debate is whether he was intentionally murdered or was shot accidentally, CNN still ran a crawl last night that

said Pat might possibly have been killed by friendly fire!

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