Sexual Metaphors



Ciales Bathtubs


Look at the above image. Does it scream sex? No, it is romantic, but not particularly sexy. If you have a TV and watch it, then you probably

recognize this image from the Cialis commercials.  You know the ones, where a happy couple ends their romantic evening by taking baths outdoors in

separate tubs.  Sometimes they even hold hands!  How risqué.  My problem is that it isn’t very sexy.  In fact, if you

didn’t know what they were selling, you probably wouldn’t guess it was a sexual aid just from an image of two people sitting in separate

side-by-side bathtubs.  To me, it looks like an ad for a romantic vacation destination.

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Getting Over Hate


over Hate


I know you aren’t supposed to hate people, but

someone hurt me very badly a couple of years back, and there just isn’t any way I can stop hating him for what he did. Maybe if he asked for my

forgiveness I could do it, but he hasn’t (and probably never will). What would you say to someone like me?

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Predicting Potter

DeathlyPredicting Potter


With just two days left till I

get my copy of “The Deathly Hollows” and despite the pre-release of the book on the web, I am hereby pledging that at this time I have not read

the book.  What follows are my thoughts and predictions of what might happen in the final book.  Again, I have no idea if my predictions are

right, I have just obviously been thinking about it a lot and yes, I saw Phoenix last Thursday.

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Whence Came Sumogirl




I occasionally get comments from newbies to my website asking why I call myself Sumogirl.  Do I weigh some

amazing amount?  Am I huge?  Into something kinky?  What is it?  The simple answer is that I like sumo wrestling, the sport. To set the

record straight – here is what I look like.  I am 5 ft 9 inches and won’t reveal my weight, but as one of my online fans pointed out, I am

“way too cute to be a Sumo.”  Clearly I am not morbidly obese.

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An Exit Strategy

An Exit



I am upset about what is happening in Iraq and our apparently open-ended commitment there.  But I worry that

with all the talk of withdrawal, there isn’t actually a good plan to withdrawal.  Further, this administration is amazingly incompetent. 

Do we really want them managing a withdrawal?  As much as I want the troops out, I am not sure I want Bush et al organizing it for us.

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A Funny Story

myFunny Story


You have to be an open minded-humanist to

appreciate this story. I took my son to a community-organized playgroup today. The program is called Musical Motion, which is a program for birth to 5

years put on by the Family Partnership Center.  He had a great time, and we

will definitely go again – it is free after all.  It was just that my worst fears as a non-religious parent were realized today.

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