Chuck, the Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

Chuck: The Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

This video was done a few years ago to support a song I wrote and performed which became one of’s top 20 comedy tunes for 1999 – it was considered one of the oddest, most screwball songs on all of Anyway – I was much skinnier then. Oh, and this is very low tech. It is my first music video shot by my husband.

For more information, lyrics, sheet music and more up to date recording – visit the Chuck songwriting page

Is Watson a Racist?

James WatsonIs Watson Wrong?

And more to the point, is he a racist?


I don’t think so.  It took me a while to track down the actual first article that led to this furor.  It is a little frustrating that the main contentious quote technically stands alone, so we have to take the writer’s word for it that the antecedent of the anaphor “this” actually is what she claims it to be. 

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Copperfield in Trouble

Copperfield Flying Away from TroubleDavid Copperfield’s Many Problems


Ok – I realize that there are more important things going on in the world.  Not only is the US prepping for war against Iran – as if we have enough military to do it, and California is in the grips of rather nasty Santa Ana fed fires (notice the plural).  But, I am writing about Copperfield because what we are being told doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

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Bush Family Election Fraud

election fraudBush Election Fraud


Did you know that since exit polls began in the 1960’s, there have only been 7 incidents where the exit polls did not match the final election results, and 6 of those involved a Bush?  All involved a republican and all have occurred since 1992.

Election polls are surprisingly accurate and the state department is right when it says that they are one of the only ways to know when election fraud has occurred.

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