Scared of Fairy Rings

I am scared of Fairy Rings

a Fairy Ring


There – I’ve said it.  Ok, I understand that these rings of mushrooms are a natural phenomenon.  I do.  The fungus is living under the ground, spreading out and the caps we see are actually just the flowers of a larger organism.  The fact I understand the natural explanation doesn’t change anything.  I still have absolutely no intention of ever stepping into one of those rings.

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Economic Sanity

Economic Sanity

A Dialectic between Marx and Hayek

This pamphlet is envisioned as a dialectic between the 2 major philosophies governing the public policy debate in America today.  When it comes to governing philosophies, the old adage “it’s the economy stupid” is true.  It should therefore come as no surprise that the two main philosophies in America are actually based on economic theory, although few proponents on either side are aware of or even acknowledge the connection of their governing philosophy to economic theory.

Marx’s Das Kapital, representing the liberal economic philosophy, and Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, representing the conservative economic philosophy, best illuminates these two competing viewpoints.   Despite the preeminence of these two philosophies in our political discourse very few individuals have read either of these books. 

This pamphlet will provide an overview of each book along with what the author thinks are the most important lessons to be learned.   Both texts are amazingly prescient in their understanding of how our economies and governments work and in their predictive accuracy.  Further, both books issue warnings about the problems facing the opposing viewpoint.  In other words, Marx warns about problems that occur in capitalist systems and Hayek warns about problems with socialist systems.  These warnings should be heeded if we want to avoid being responsible for large-scale suffering.  

If Marx is the thesis in this dialectic, and Hayek is the antithesis, then it is the synthesis view of the two philosophies that I hope to promote.  I call this synthesis view “progressive.”

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Humanism by Jen

Humanist Content by Jennifer


Jennifer has created Humanist videos and radio ads for the Humanists of Florida Association during her tenure there.

Here are some links to that content.


The Future of Humanism – a talk at the UU of Miami (Jan 2007)

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Excerpts from Marty on Monday radio show

Communism and Humanism

The Dangers of Dominionism

Religious Charlatans

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