What is He Thinking?

Is Bush Going to war with Iran?Is it too late to stop the war with Iran?


If you haven’t been living in a shell and have paid even a modicum of attention to the news in the last few days, you will have learned 2 very important facts.  One, Congress gave President Bush approval to launch military strikes against Iran and 2, that he is apparently planning to start a war with Iran before he leaves office!

If you believe this administration’s lies that they are actually working on diplomacy, you are a fool.  It was obvious in the lead up to Iraq that they were going to go in regardless of what anyone else thought or did, and it is equally obvious now that they are planning to go in to Iran.

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Putin is Hot

Putin"Yummy Yummy Putin


Ok – so the guy’s democracy track record is horrible.  You have to admit – this guy is hot in a gay porn sort of way.  I love these photos.  Yummy.  It turns out that he plays judo.  Double plus yum.  To see the entire range of photos from Putin’s vacation – check out the der speigel website. http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/0,5538,23927,00.html 

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Humanism vs. Atheism

HumanismPrivate Rant – Humanism vs. Atheism


In a recent Humanist Network News, there was an article “Humanism and the Trap of Atheism”  by Vin Narain a Humanist from India.  The basic premise was that Humanists need to talk about Humanism, not about atheism, and boy, was there an uproar.  See letters here. I am getting very frustrated by this debate.  First, it seems like the atheists feel that if anyone in the freethought movement wants to talk about anything other then atheism, it is perceived as a direct attack on atheism.  It isn’t.  There are just other things worthy of discussion.

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Man-sized Safes and Polyjuice Potion

polyjuice potionMan-sized Safes and Polyjuice Potion


Ok – so perhaps I am feeling a bit cheeky today.  Obviously, I have for a while if you have been reading my latest posts.  Anyway, I got to thinking about why Cheney is so secretive, and why he might need a man-sized safe in his office.  Combine that with the fact he has completely different views on Iraq then he did in 1992, 1994, and even in the election in 2000, and obviously something is amiss.

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