Definition of Humanism

Compassion: A watercolor by Howlett and TarrantDefinition of Humanism


Finally, I have come across a definition of Humanism I actually like.  It comes from the Progressive Living Website.  The reason I like it is it is the only one I have seen that even mentions compassion.  And I happen to think that compassion is the most important aspect of the philosophy.  Reason, in my humble opinion is important, but only in service to compassion. Anyway, here is the definition.

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Presidential Primaries

Fox wants this guy to be our next PresidentPresidential Primaries


Ok – so, it appears that the Atlantic has decided to support Obama in the primary.  They ran an article by Andrew Sullivan, the gay Republican, about why he is supporting Obama and why Obama is the only candidate that can move us forward, both in the war on terror and at home to heal the divisions in our own country.  It was a well thought out article, which made a lot of sense, but like my dad said, it isn’t like I can explain it to anyone.  It basically has to do with baby boomers and the residual effects of the Vietnam War.  Regardless, the Atlantic is currently the only current events magazine I can stomach right now.  The rest of them are too biased to trust and yes, I am talking to you nation.

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Health Insurance Blues

Our Health Care System is SickGrumbling about Health Insurance


I haven’t yet seen Sicko, but I have heard about it from friends and some of the basic information about how insurance company employees just sit around looking for reasons to deny or add extra costs for stupid things is absolutely true.  Everyone who has private insurance knows this from first hand experience.  Everyone!

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