Always Park Near a Tree

Can't find your car? - Always Park near a treeAlways Park Near a Tree


My dad taught me an important lesson when I learned how to drive.  Always park near a tree, or a light pole.  That way, if you loose your car, you won’t have to search every parking spot, only those that are next to trees or light poles.  And, also very important, is to have everyone remember where you parked.  And, if you have ever been to a large sporting event or mega mall and lost your car, you will understand the extreme wisdom of this advice. Hopefully, when you go looking for your car, someone will remember where it was parked.

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I Love Drum Corps

The Troopers Drum and Bugle CorpsI love DCI!


Ok – so the other night, I am exhausted.  It just took 2 hours to get my son to sleep.  He normally goes down pretty quickly, but he learned how to turn on his light and that was very exciting for him and very annoying for me.  Anyway, I eventually put on his Animaniacs cd and that got him to stay in bed and he fell asleep.  So, then, I am poking through the channels and I see – Drum Corps International (DCI) Championships on ESPN2!  Yay!  I love DCI – and while watching the highlights on TV isn’t as cool and awesome as being there in person, it still was a wonderful way to wind down.  Plus, it is something I forget about and then love finding by accident.

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It’s Fiction Stupid

The Golden CompassIt’s Fiction, Stupid!


After reading several articles about the “His Dark Materials” trilogy and concerns from both secularists and religious individuals about the content of the film “The Golden Compass,” I decided to read the trilogy for myself.  I loved it, they had truly emotional endings, and I am really looking forward to seeing the movie.  And yes, I do plan to take my 2-year-old son.

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A Wonderful Surprise

check out this amazing indian restaurant in MaconA Wonderful Surprise


My husband and I just got back from a trip to TN to visit with family.  Our son hadn’t seen his mamaw for at least a year.  The trip was great and I actually managed to stick to my diet and lost another pound, so I am happy about that, but the big surprise was the dinner we had in Macon on our way home Saturday night.  It was wonderful and if you are ever in Macon – try the Shahenshah restaurant.  You won’t be disappointed.

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