Clinton is Creepy

Why Clinton Creeps Me Out

Clinton is chastised as silly by Obama


This photo says it all.  This is the moment in last night’s CNN/Univision debate in Texas where Obama called Clinton’s attempts to label him as a plagiarizer “silly.”  Clinton responds with that weird pasted on smile she has when she has been caught being unethical.  She had the same sick smile pasted on last year when Edwards called her out for authorizing Bush to label the Iranian guard as a terrorist organization.

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Why We need to Teach Evolution

Teaching Evolution is still controversialTeaching Evolution


Florida finally has science standards that teach specifically evolution.  Yay!  It was a tough fight, but worth it.  Not surprising, the anti-science crowd came out to fight the inclusion of evolution.  Their comments at the many public hearings are proof enough why Florida needed to improve the science standards.  That some of these folks graduated from our schools is embarrassing.

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