Wild Speculation about Torchwood

Capt Jack might not returnWild Speculation about Torchwood


As you know, I love Torchwood.  Especially John Barrowman who plays Capt Jack.  So what if he is gay – he is super duper cute.  Anyhoo, there are rumors that he won’t exactly be coming back to Torchwood next season.  WHAT!!!!!!!! Say it isn’t so.

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Reasonable Explanation

Do ghosts really talk through electronic recorders?  Probably not.Reasonable Explanations


As you may know, I watch ghost-hunting shows as sort of a guilty pleasure.  I have no idea why watching people sit in the dark scaring them selves amuses me, but it does.  I have been super busy lately though, so I had a backlog of Ghost Hunters I had recorded but not yet watched on my dvr.   Turns out they recorded a really cool evp in Mt Washington.  Video clip is below.

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Mifune in Stray Dog

Poster for Akira Kurasawa's Stray DogStray Dog


My husband and I have been renting Akira Kurasawa films.  Sort of as a retrospective for me (as I have seen them all before) and as a new education for my husband (who is just learning about Kurasawa’s work).  The latest film we rented was Stray Dog.  The cool thing about renting these films is that while I have seen them, I don’t remember them exactly, so it is cool to rewatch them.  Stray Dog is wonderful!  WONDERFUL! 

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