Humanist Prison Pen Pals

Humanist Pen Pals in a Philippine Prison

Roy Angana and the Depacol Humanists


For a few years now I have been corresponding with the leader of a Humanist group in a Philippine prison.   Roy Angana (front row with id lanyard) was introduced to Humanism through a pen pal in Australia who sent him Humanist reading material.  He shared this with his fellow prisoners and several of them decided that, despite their circumstances, they would take responsibility for their lives and strive to become better human beings. 

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Wall-E is Wonderful

Wall-E is a wonderful love storyWall-E is Wonderful


My son, who is currently 2 ½, is robot obsessed.  He really likes droids.  Mostly from Star Wars, but basically, any robot/droid will do.   So, ever since he saw a picture of Wall-E, he has wanted to see the movie.  He has been talking about wanting to meet Wall-E the trash droid all week.  So, we took him to the movie theater yesterday (opening night) and saw it.  What a great movie!

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“In” Love and Off Target

crazy in love“In” Love and Off Target



I have been dating a wonderful man for a year. We love each other — no question about that — but when I tell him I’m IN love with him, he never responds. He says he doesn’t know what that means.  He asked me to explain the difference between loving someone and being in love. He says it doesn’t make sense to him. Please help me explain to him what it means to be in love. I need to know that he’s in love with me, not that he just loves me.

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The flood in the midwest isn't worth CNN's timePriorities

Why CNN isn’t worth watching


So, the other night, I was looking for something to watch, and I decided to turn on CNN.  I don’t normally watch CNN because, well, despite being on the air 24 hours a day, they don’t have much news.  My local 24-hour news channel is much better at actually talking about what is going on in the world.  CNN, doesn’t have a lot of news.  They use to, but not anymore.  Just like MTV used to actually show music videos but doesn’t anymore.

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Truth to Power: Guantanamo

Truth to Power: Finally!

detainees at quantanamo


Imagine my surprise today when my hometown newspaper ran a headline that “Many at Gitmo had few or no terror ties.”  This was the top headline!  Turns out McClatchy newspapers conducted an 8-month long investigation into detainees at Gitmo and according to them, it became clear that Guantanamo was not exactly legal and was definitely operating “beyond the law.”  WOW!

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Sith Meditation Techniques

Sith Meditation SphereSith Meditation Techniques


First things first, many humanists do indeed meditate and find peace of mind in the practice.  Just type in Humanist meditation into a search engine and you will see what I mean.  The applicability of training your mind to relax is wider then just a search for God.  After all, even those of us who don’t believe still want to feel connected to the universe in which we live.  And, no, I am no advocating a turn to the dark side as a way to become one with the universe.

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That’s Numberwang

That's Numberwang!Numberwang


We love Numberwang!  My husband and I have been watching a sketch comedy show on BBC America called – That Mitchell and Webb Look.  It is awesomely funny.   It is one of those shows that just gets funnier every time you view it because of the recurring sketches they do.

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