Cool Movies

Lego Millinenium FalconCool Movies


You have to like Star Wars and Legos to really like these films.  My son does, so they are pretty cool.  And, they have just added a couple of films for the new toys.  The first film is Revenge of the Brick – and it is brilliant.  The 2nd is the Han Solo Affair – which is really funny – but not as brilliant as Revenge.

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Crunchy the Owl

This owl is similar to CrunchyCrunchy the Owl


Ok – so my son is totally Star Wars obsessed.  All he wants to watch is Star Wars.  He wants Star Wars legos – which are for kids 3 – 5 years older then he is (he is 2 ½) and he wants all his friends to come over and play with his Star Wars lego toys.  He has it bad.  Until this past week.

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He Said What?!?!?

jesse jackson apparently isn't very niceHe said what?!?!?


By now you have probably heard that the Rev Jesse Jackson made some crude remarks about Senator Obama.  I don’t even know where to start.  There are several aspects of this whole thing I find really funny.  The whole idea of a spiritual leader making this sort of comment just amuses me.

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