Why I love Humanists

Humanist humor - I hope that is a good thingWhy I love Humanists


Ok – so I am part of an online discussion group aimed at promoting and marketing Humanism in the UK – and yeah, I don’t live there, but they asked me for my input based on my experiences in Florida.  One of the things we are discussing is the need to re-brand Humanism in the UK so that it creates a more positive response in the market.  All well and good.  Now for the funny bit.  We are talking about the need to create a “one line” response to the question: “What is Humanism?” that will be succinct and create an immediate positive impression.  So far so good.  So, one of the people on the list provides their “one liner” and it is 3 sentences long!  All of them short, but still, not one a one liner.   I just love Humanists.

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