McCain is like Britney Spears

McCain's trainwreck of a campaign is a lot like watching Britney Spears MeltdownIt’s Like Watching Britney Spears’ Meltdowns


McCain is all over the place.  And the media are following him around and the sense I get from the coverage is really, they are just waiting to see what the crazy old man does next.  It is a lot like how the media was following Britney around when she was having her meltdown.  Except, this guy wants to be President!

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McCain in Wierdland

Voodoo Economics is to blame for the economic crisisWeird Ideas


This has been a really weird week, especially given the bizarre claims being made by McCain and his followers.  Right now, they are saying that the economic mess that has been building since Reagan was in office is somehow Obama’s fault. Not the democrats fault, but Obama personally.  Bizarre. 

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McCain is officially an idiotSeriously?


So, according to McCain – just today, the fundamentals of our economy are strong and our economy is in crisis.  Seriously.  He said both things today.  What is wrong with that man?  Oh, and apparently only he can fix our economy even though he isn’t all that well versed in economics and he doesn’t seem to know what exactly is wrong with the economy if anything.  (sigh).  As we are talking about the economy, lets talk taxes and science policy.

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