Why Pennsylvania

Will the Republicans try to steal PA?Why Pennsylvania?


All the pundits are wondering why McCain is putting all his eggs into Pennsylvania when he has such a large deficit in the polls there.  And, since he is behind in the polls in a lot of places, including swing states, why go after a solid blue one like PA?  They seem to be missing the obvious; it is because that was the state the Republicans had planned to steal this election. 

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Swing and Ferb

West Coast Swing Rocks!West Coast Swing

and Best Show on Disney


Ok, so I watch dancing with the stars, and this week, they added some club dances to the mix, and had 2 stars each do the west coast swing, the hustle, the salsa and the jitterbug.  The pros had problems because these aren’t dances they normally teach because by definition, they are club dances, not choreographed dances. I had problems because I hate to see club dances ruined through choreography.

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God & Godzilla have a picnic

My 3 year old son loves GodzillaGod and Godzilla have a Picnic


Yesterday, my son started asking me questions about Churches and God.  I knew it was bound to happen.  We obviously don’t go to church, but we have playgroups that meet at churches and one of his friends goes to church and so he can’t always play with him when he wants to. 

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The Value of Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens rocks!Why I Love Hitchens

12/17/11 – Christopher Hitchens has died – I am placing this article on my front page in his memory and in honor of the impact he has had on my thinking. You will be missed Hitch.


My father sent me a copy of Christopher Hitchens’ endorsement of Obama yesterday.  The headline of my father’s email was “another conservative endorses Obama.”  I was surprised to find out it was Hitchens because he isn’t a conservative.  He is a liberal contrarian in the classic sense.  The difference is important and why I love reading Hitchens’ work.

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Nonsense and Mavericks

They Myth of Maverick McCainGlittering Nonsense and Helpless Mavericks


Obviously, watched the debate last night.  Came out like I expected it to.  Biden clearly had a plan to handle Palin without coming off as condescending or misogynist.  Palin stuck to her speciality, glittering generalities and talking points.   But if I have to hear the word “maverick” one more time, I think I will puke.  Seriously. And isn’t it time we have someone who can pronounce "nuclear" properly? (shudder)

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McCain, Palin & Horsesh*t

McCain, Palin and Horsesh*t

McCain appears to have a Palin problem


Ok, I have been trying not to write about Gov Palin for a while.  Thought it better to focus on McCain, but really, something has come up that just has me seriously wigged.  Sarah Palin doesn’t read the newspaper!

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