Child Abuse Victim Consider’s Suicide

Child Abuse Kills ChildrenAbused Teen Consider’s Suicide


This is from a Dear Abby article posted Saturday Nov 22nd.  It is the 2nd article about the kid writing about his friend JD who is considering suicide because his father abuses him. I decided to write about this because I had friends in high school whose situation was very similar to this.

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Richardson or Clinton?

Obama, Richardson and Hillary ClintonHillary as Secretary of State?


Scuttlebutt has it that Barack Obama is apparently considering Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson for the position of Secretary of State.  I hope he chooses Bill Richardson.  The concern I have with Hillary is that she isn’t a very ethical person.  That isn’t to say she doesn’t have good intentions, she just is prone to resorting to lies and deceit to get her way.  I don’t respect that and am hoping that Obama will actually place trustworthy people around him, especially in a position as important as Secretary of State.

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Dr Who is Brilliant

Dr Who does the Titanic - sort ofBrilliant!


As the good doctor would say – Brilliant!  Just watched the season opener for Dr Who on BBC America – and yes – I love my DVR.  Anyway – they did a Dr Who meets Poseidon Adventure (the original movie) meets the Titanic.  It was brilliant!  It will be interesting to see who becomes his new assistant.  The promising young pretty girl in this episode died – sort of.  It is probably more accurate to say she became some blue sparkly floaty stuff flying around space.  We could see more off her, but then again, probably not.

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The Tyranny is Over

The Tyranny is Over

Celebrating President Elect Obama


That was my first thought at 11 pm last night when the race was officially called for Obama and it was clear McCain was conceding.  The tyranny that was the Bush years is finally over!  The tyranny of a stupid, fearful, hate filled and seriously criminal administration is finally over.  And yes, I cried tears of relief at the thought.

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Mama Mia – Lance has a chest

Lance Bass has a great! ChestMama Mia, Lance Bass’ Chest and SNL


Ok – I realize it is Election Day in America and I am on pins and needles waiting for the day to end so we can see how VA and PA have voted.  But… I am totally obsessing over some pop culture stuff right now and need to get it off my chest – so to speak.

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Modern Christians engaging in Blasphemy for the greater good.Hysterical


My friend Alan sent me this link – Christians Pray to Golden Calf.  It is hysterical. Seriously. I know they are well intentioned, but the image is just too funny. On the other hand, it is nice to know that modern Christians are willing to commit obvious blasphemy and incur their god’s wrath for 4 generations just so they can help the rest of us with our finances. That is truly sacrificing for the greater good