Celebrating Saturnalia

Saturn represents the values Humanists care about10 Reasons why Humanists should consider celebrating Saturnalia


I have been thinking a lot about what I want out of a winter holiday.  And that is a conundrum for us Humanists.  We don’t want to celebrate something overly religious, but we don’t want to miss out on a good party either.  I did a bit of research on Saturnalia this year and while I am not saying we should revive the old religion, I do think there is a lot to Saturnalia that is appealing to us Humanists.  So here are 10 reasons why I think Saturnalia is a good holiday for Humanists to celebrate and why my husband and I will be integrating it into our winter celebrations.

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Humanism and the Good Samaritan

Humanists need to become good samaritansWhat is good about Religion?


I have a lot of friends and family members of faith, and while I do not share that faith, I do envy their sense of responsibility towards others.  Humanists tend to talk a good talk, but lets be honest.  When the rubber meets the road, Humanists as a group rarely get going.  By contrast, when a need arises in a religious community, the entire community mobilizes to fill that need.  They give their time and their money to make sure people in need are taken care of.  Humanist communities rarely do more then talk.  This isn’t to say Humanists don’t volunteer their time and donate money, they do.  It is just that they don’t do so as an organized community nor do they do it to the extent that their religious counterparts do.

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Our Amazing President

Bush ducks from shoe - better then I couldOur Amazing President


I can’t believe I am saying this – but Bush finally did something right.  By now you have probably seen a video of Bush having a shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist.  The more I watch that footage the more amazed I am with how Bush handled it. Not only did he duck it but he also laughed off the entire incident. I say bully for him. Now, I realize that part of the problem is that Bush et al have not been culturally sensitive to the Arab world and that is a big part of the problem they have with him and with Americans in general.  And I realize that the shoe throwing is considered one of the gravest of insults over there, but it isn’t here.  Here, it is just weird. 

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Christmas Cunundrum

A Betty Page ChristmasChristmas Conundrum


Every year the secular community has the same conversation.  Should we or shouldn’t we celebrate Christmas?  If you ask me we are thinking too hard.  This is really simple.  Respect other people!  If your friends or family members are Christians and they celebrate Christmas – celebrate with them.  I would think good food, good friends, presents and well wishes would be welcome by anyone. Don’t be a scrooge and force everyone else to not celebrate their favorite holiday they way they want to just so you can practice all your anti-religious arguments on them.  That is just rude.  If you really don’t want to hear about Christmas – don’t hang out with people who celebrate it.  Also, if you are working out at the YMCA (the Young Men’s Christian Association), don’t complain if they play Christmas music during an exercise class this time of year.  They are a Christian organization and if you go there, you should expect them to celebrate Christmas.  Don’t force your secularism on them. If you want a secular work out – got to a secular gym.

I like to Move It

Madagascar 2 was a really fun movieIs it just me?


I have a 3 year old.  So, we go to McDonald’s at least once a week. They just concluded their Madagascar 2 promotion where they were giving talking characters away with the happy meals.   What has me annoyed is that they choose the worst audio clips for these toys.  The Zebra Marty could have said “You guys are Cracka-Lackin.” Instead it says “I like the boy!”  The male hippo Moto could have said “Oh my, you are humungous.” Instead, he says, “Mmmmm” and “I know I’m every hippo’s dream.”  Every time I hear them speak I think, why oh why didn’t they use the iconic quotes instead of this terrible fluff instead.  And yeah – I do need to let this go.  At least the King Julien toy sings “I’ve got to move it move it.”

Survivor Ethics

Sugar pulled off a really cool blindsideI love Survivor when the Good Guys win!


Ok – so I used to be addicted to survivor, but recently can only seem to get interested at the halfway point.  That means I have only been watching the current season in Gabon for a few weeks now.  I love it.  Especially this week’s blindside.  You see, I love it when the good guys finally get together and decide – this time, someone who deserves to win is going to win and we don’t care which one of us that is.  And kudos to Sugar for pulling this blindside off.  It was a thing of beauty to watch.   Now, I don’t think Crystal or Kenny are actually evil – but they have been cocky, rude and mean and unrepentant liars. So it was really cool when Sugar decided that someone who is being mean when they don’t have to just doesn’t deserve the million dollars. So Sugar engineered herself a blindside.  I LOVE IT!  The only other time this happened was when the middle-aged woman from TN won.  Go Bob and Sugar (not too sure about Matty or Susie).

Naked Sumo Wrestlers

sumo rikishi wear very little in the way of clothingThose Men are Naked!


So my son has been asking me questions about what sumo wrestling is.  I have several sumo t-shirts as I am a fan (obviously) so he was curious.  I had a friend of mine send me a DVD of the 14th day of the July 2007 tournament.   And, we watched a few bouts before going to bed tonight.  He loved it!  The first thing he shouted was – “those men are naked!”  They aren’t (they do wear mawashi).  Because he is three, he wanted to wrestle like he saw the rikishi do. So, we did a little play wrestling on the bed.  Just like sumo, you put your fists on the ground and then on the count of three, wrestle.  When you are done wrestling you have to bow and thank your partner for wrestling with you. These bits are important because he is only three and I now need to worry about whether he will try out his new found sumo skills on the other kids in day care at the gym tomorrow.  Oh – and it turns out that Musashimaru is now Oyakata Furiwake (Oyakata is a sumo coach or stable master) of Musashigawa stable.  Pretty cool.