Professor Gates and Racial Profiling

Professor Gates does not look like a criminalGates, Crowley and Racial Profiling


Ok – so if you have any friends of color – you know this happens.  Racial profiling is very common.  People get pulled over for driving while black all the time and for those of you who haven’t experienced that, it is VERY different from being pulled over for any other offense. There is an assumption of guilt that cops have when looking at people of color. And then, some cops are just ignorant. For instance, I have a friend here in Tampa who is stopped every night by the same stupid cop outside his own home just because he happens to live in a rich neighborhood.  And every night when he asks the cop, in his British accent, what the problem is, the cop apologizes because obviously, my friend is educated because of his British accent and not part of the local riff raff.  My friend actually thinks it is funny that after all this time this particular copy doesn’t recognize him as a resident.

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If You Can’t Take the Heat

You Can’t Take the Heat


This is a round up of a few stories that deserve some comment.
The first is Sarah Palin’s resignation. Most people are talking about her lack
of coherency. But I think we should take her at her word. She doesn’t want to
put up with all the rumors and other negative things people say about her –
justified or unjustified. And she has a point. As the old saying goes, if you
can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, which is what she is apparently
doing. Good for her. Not everyone is cut out for public life. If you are going
to be in the public’s eye, you have to expect that not everyone will like you.
She doesn’t like it when negative stories are printed about her and has gone
so far as to ask her lawyer to threaten people who write negative things about
her or engage in satire about her. And while I think that last bit is going
a bit far, her resignation is the right thing to do. It would be hypocritical
of her to complain and then stay. She can’t take the heat, so she is getting
out. Of course, it does mean that if she tries to re-enter politics, she should
not be considered qualified. Because if you are going to be in politics, you
need to be able to take the heat, which she has told us she can’t.

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