The Great Circumcision Debate

dark underside to the anti-circumcision movement


Look. I have no strong opinions on the subject of circumcision.
What individuals decide to do for their families is fine with me either way.
As far as the data is concerned, there is a slight health benefit to circumcision
and the risks of complication from medical circumcisions in the developed world
are quite small and minor. The general medical consensus is that there is a
slight medical benefit, but not enough to make it mandatory. But you wouldn’t
know that listening to the anti-circumcision lobby. Now, why do I even care
about this? Well, for 3 reasons actually. First, as a Humanist I like to apply
reason and critical thinking to all my decisions. Those skills are beneficial
in all areas of your life, not just when considering religion. The 2nd reason
is because when I was researching whether or not to circumcise my boy I was
stunned by what I found on the anti-circumcision sites. Seriously stunned. Let’s
just say at this point that these people have "issues." The 3rd and
final reason is that these "issue’ ridden individuals are trying to pass
laws that would put half of the adult population of the United States in jail
and put their kids into the foster care system. And no, I am not making this

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Morality is Easy

Easy Even a 4 Year Old Gets It


As any parent knows, teaching morality to your kids is often a
funny process. Not because they don’t get the concept. They do. In fact, they
are pretty much born with a strong sense of what is right and wrong. It is just
that their sense of who is the good guy and who the bad guys are don’t always
match our adult sensibilities. So, yesterday my son asked me who Noah was. This
came up because PlayMobil has a Noah’s ark play set and he wanted to know the
story. So I told him. Including the part that the reason for the flood was because
humans had become wicked. My son responded to this story by saying God is mean.
He should go to jail for killing all those people. I reminded him they were
wicked. And he told me it doesn’t matter. God shouldn’t have killed everyone.
That’s just mean. Morality. So easy even a child gets it.

Political Caricatures and Charges of Racism

Presidents will always be portrayed as caricaturesCaricatures and Politics


Ok – so charges of racism are flying in the current political debate. Here is why I think this is a non-issue.  First, it isn’t news that there are still some incredibly bigoted people living in America.  Second, caricatures of political officials are normal in politics. Jimmy Carter was portrayed as a stupid southern hick as a way to show how idiotic his policies were.  Reagan was portrayed as an actor/puppet who was only good at delivering someone else’s lines. Clinton was a lying philanderer who couldn’t be trusted.  Bush Jr was a trust fund kid who only got into college as a legacy and not on his own merits.  And now we have Obama who is a black radical socialist who hangs out with terrorists and is most likely Muslim and not even a real American. Ok, so the caricatures of Obama are a bit harsher and more severe then the way we caricatured our other presidents. But still, if McCain had won, he would have been a dottering old fool.  And if Hillary had won we would have been treated to every anti-feminist stereotype imaginable.  My point is that Obama is The President – of course his opposition is trying to portray him as a negative caricature!  

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The Big Irony

Big Irony


The biggest irony of Joe Wilson’s, Rep of South Carolina, outburst
during the joint session of congress the other day is that he could have been
a bit of a hero to everyone. I am not saying that what he did was okay by any
stretch of the imagination. Interrupting the President during a joint session
is just plain rude. It’s just that he called Obama a liar when Obama was speaking
the truth. If, however, he had called Obama a liar when he was telling us that
the plan was debt neutral, a claim no one believes, we could all at least have
understood his frustration. Instead, he looks like an idiot. All because lying
about whether or not someone else is lying is just bad form anyway you look
at it.

Big News

News and Milestones Reached


I have some news to share. First, I started a new Humanist blog:
Happiness Through
The purpose of this blog is to find a home for short little posts
about how Humanism can aid in becoming a happy person. Since this blog includes
political and pop culture posts I thought it might be helpful to have a Humanist
only blog. I will still be talking about Humanism here as it applies to a variety
of topics. The Happiness through Humanism blog is more like a blog version of
my podcast.

Other big news is that I am now the
Humanism and Freethought Examiner for Tampa
on This is something
I actually get paid for. Yay! In this capacity I will be writing about activities
and opportunities of concern to the Humanist and Freethought communities in
the Tampa region.

Finally, with regards to my
, I have now had over 10,000 site visitors and and over 13,000 downloads.
Again – yay me!

Sexual Help for Real People

sex therapy may not helpSexual Help for Real People


Ok – so if you read my blog, you know that I am real big on dealing with the world as it is and not necessarily as you wish it to be.  Dealing with reality constructively will help you be a happier person.  And this is especially true when it comes to sex. And even though I have written about this before, I came across this article written by sex therapist Marty Klein.  I liked it so much – I am linking to it here. “When self-help is part of the problem.” Marty regularly writes about the intersection of sex and politics and is one of the best writers on this topic. Read his blog at: