Obama’s Afghanistan Problem

Afghanistan Problem


First, let’s remember that Obama inherited the Afghanistan problem
and that Bush did not send additional troops when he was asked to either. So
presumably, there are good reasons pro and con on the troop level issues. What
I want to discuss is the nature of this problem and the Humanist approach to
solving problems in general.

The question of whether or not to send more troops is not an easy
one and it is the main reason why I am really glad I am not president. Because
I would hate to have to make that decision. Simply put, there is no good solution
right now available. Now, it is entirely possible that Obama is biding his time
hoping something on the ground in Afghanistan will change to help him make his
decision. But since there have been several high level meetings on the subject,
I think it is clear that he is actively tryng to come up with a good plan in
a bad situation.

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What the Heck is Going on?

The Family is responsible for all that is wrong with our governmentWhat
is wrong with our Government?


Ok. So, we have US Senators committing violations of the
Logan Act
and we have all sort of senators trying to convert health care
reform into a government giveaway to the health insurance industry to the detriment
of both our wallets and our health. Now, I do watch Keith Olbermann. Not for
the news, but for his commentary. And lately he has been asking, what is going
on. He hasn’t figured out that the problem is that ALL the senators in questions
are members of a religious cult known as the Family.
And their actions are totally consistent with historic policy promoted by the
Family. And in case you aren’t family with The Family, I suggest you read the
Basically, all the crappy foreign policy debacles the US has been
involved in are the Families fault.

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Truly American

Jen Hancock is truly AmericanTruly American

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am an American. Proud of that fact actually, even if, at times, I don’t like what my government does. Anyway, I did some research, spurred on by my brother and father and found that in many ways, my family tree is perfectly American. On the one hand, my family has been here since before our country was even founded. On the other, I come from recent immigrant stock. So, my family lineage represents what makes America truly great. Everyone was an immigrant at some point and it doesn’t matter how long you have been here, just that you are here and have embraced our collective experiment called "America."

Oh – and that being said, I am a Mayflower descendant. Just thought you might want to know. Now, for my family who has asked for this – I am putting together all the history on the Shaw Family side of things. My mom has been doing the Forman side and as soon as she has that posted somewhere I will add that to this page.

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