10 Humanist Commandments

Code of Global Ethics - by now at Amazon.com10 Humanist Commandments


Every once in a while a Humanist somewhere gets the great idea of compiling a set of Humanist commandments to replace the famous 10 commandments in the Bible.  The latest version is by Dr. Rodrique Tremblay who has a new book coming out, The Code for Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles. The book is by Prometheus Press and is available at Amazon.com.  

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We need to get out of Afghanistan

We are in a quagmire in AfghanistanWe just need to get out


I have come to the conclusion that we need to get out of Afghanistan.  I just don’t see what good can come of our continued presence there.  Of course, I say this knowing full well that we haven’t even pulled our troops out of Iraq yet – and that still needs to happen.

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Don’t abort health care reform!

We must not let the abortion debate kill health care reformWill abortion kill health care reform?


I sure hope not!  Yes – some members of the Family (see other article on why these guys screw up everything) managed to insert an anti-abortion amendment into the house bill.  Yes, it will effectively prevent women getting their insurance through the exchange from getting health insurance that covers abortions except in cases on incest, rape or if the woman’s life is at risk.  No – this is not a big deal. And here’s why.

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Demons and Logic

Humanist don't live in a demon haunted worldDemons and Logic


I write for a couple of other websites including my own Happiness through Humanism blog. There are two articles I want to share here, mostly because I struggled before deciding which website to post them on. And since I want my Sumogirl audience to read these, I thought, rather then reposting, I figured I would simply link. That way you can also check out my new blog. Anyway – here they are:

Living Demon Free – an article about why living in a demon haunted world is so horrible and

Why Logic Matters – a review of O’Reilly’s rant against science as viewed through traditional rules of logic.