Humanism Round Up 2009

The American Humanist Association Holiday AdHumanist Round Up

Hi – been busy – so here are links to articles of mine elsewhere of a Humanist nature I thought you might be interested in. 

Lets start with something fun.  The Onion ran an article about Sumerian eyewitnesses to creation being really annoyed.  This is funny because young earth creationists are so totally ignorant about history.

Now – in case you hadn’t noticed – it is Christmastime.  And so, it is time to think about the war on Christmas and how we Humanists can best celebrate a holiday – any holiday.

First – the war on Christmas.

Then – how do Humanists celebrate Christmas?

And finally – if you are interested in donating to a Humanist charity or if your new years resolution is to learn more about Humanism – here are links to help you.

I don’t like the Senate bill

we want real reform that helps peopleWhy I don’t like the Senate Health Care Bill

I am a liberal.  I am not afraid to say it.  I am extremely progressive when it comes to social policy.  However, I am also an avowed Capitalist and I do think capitalism is the best insurer of democracy and therefore individual liberty.

There is a lot in the senate’s version of the health care reform bill that I don’t like.  First – I would prefer a public option.  A robust public option.  Medicare for all – allow us to buy into the system at any age.  I also really like the Hawaiian system which sets a price that policies will be offered at and private companies compete for individuals to buy those policies – so an exchange is good.

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Moral reasons not to do drugs

Blood on the streets of Ciudad Juarez
Not doing drugs is a moral imperative


Doing illegal drugs kills people.  Maybe not you.  Maybe not anyone you know personally.  But the drug wars that go on in Afghanistan and Mexico and elsewhere to control the illegal drug trades are deadly.  Just look at what life is like in Ciudad Juarez!  If you are doing illegal drugs, you are responsible for what is happening there.  Don’t want those deaths on your conscious?  Then DON”T DO ILLEGAL DRUGS!  And by the way – these wars are spilling over into America.  So get your moral head on straight.  Doing illegal drugs is not a harmless crime.

[Photo is of a man cleaning blood from the sidewalk where 17 people were shot in Ciudad Juarez this past Sept. By AP Photos]

Why do people hate so much?

Humanist Thought of the Week: Dec 8 2009

Why do people hate so much?

It’s been a depressing couple of weeks.

It seems like all I keep coming across are articles and pundits blaming atheists and Humanists for everything that is wrong with the world.

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and Resigned


So, we are going to be surging in Afghanistan. That disappoints
me as
I think we should be getting out.
But, there is nothing really we can
do to change that decision, so I am resigned and hoping for the best. After
all – I was, fortunately, wrong about the Iraqi surge and that actually seems
to have worked.

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Demon Fighting 101 and Other Nonsense

fighting 101 and other nonsense


Ok – so I am an atheist and I don’t believe in things like demons.
But I am going to let you in on a secret. Many atheists love the idea of supernatural
things even though we know better. Case in point. I saw Paranormal
and boy – what an ookey movie.

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