Commentary: Draw Muhammad Day

violent Muslims are bulliesCommentary: Draw Muhammad Day

May 21, 2010

I wrote an article for about this protest – and it has drawn a lot of comments.  But there is one in particular I think needs to be addressed, mostly because it has invaded the free speech community as well. And that is the idea that what needed to be said could have been said in a less offensive way. It’s a very common sentiment.  The answer to the question – couldn’t this be done in a less offensive way?  is – no it couldn’t! Here’s why.

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Beaus and Bad Vibes

overweight drunk guys without an education don't make good beaus for women with PhDsBlue-collar beau and mom cliques


I realize I haven’t written a “my advice” article in a while.  Been busy and honestly, I haven’t read anything that made me mad.  Yesterday though, Dear Abby was WAY off.

The first question was from “It’s complicated” who is a divorced middle aged professional with a PhD who has been dating an overweight man with a drinking problem who never finished college for seven years. SEVEN!!! She enjoys his company and likes most of his friends but she is afraid he will say something boorish, show up drunk or otherwise embarrass her in front of her friends and peers. So she asked “whether there was something intrinsically wrong with me that I’m ashamed to have the man I love meet people with whom I work and socialize? Is there something wrong with the relationship?” 

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The Doctor and Gene

The Doctor, River Song and Amy Pond - Doctor WhoDr Who and Ashes to Ashes

The New Doctor

So, we have the new doctor.  And I really like him. I do. I know a lot of my friends are not totally happy with him, but I like him, mostly because of how he relates to his new companion.  She is what really makes this season tick.  Most importantly, we like where the story appears to be heading.  Steven Moffat is the new producer and he wrote the BEST episodes of the previous 4 seasons.  So, double plus good.

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Year One Movie Review

Year One Movie Review

If you have not yet seen Year One
and you are a freethinker, you should see this movie.  It is a slapstick, lowbrow comedy with a surprising amount of religious commentary in it.  In other words, along with all the sex jokes, ridiculous situations and an excellent underplayed performance by Michael Cera, you also get to romp through various stories in the Bible, except that nothing miraculous happens and the gods are strangely absent.

My favorite bits were the portrayal of Abraham and a wonderful exchange in Sodom where a local man tries to explain to our heroes that rain comes from virgins – and that’s why they need to sacrifice them. Duh!!! Where else would you get rain from? Now stop ruining the sacrifice. This is seriously a Freethought comedy and entirely enjoyable at the same time.  I highly recommend it.