Grand Old Police State

GOP = Grand Old Police StateWhich party is promoting a police state?

The GOP and people on the right are complaining and screaming that the Obama administration is trying to turn the US into a police state ala Hitler. Yet, it is the GOP and folks on the right who are the one proposing all the policies that would turn us into an actual police state.  And at this point, I am starting to get pissed.  Mostly because they are proposing such legislation in Florida, where I live.

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Hold BP Responsible

and corporate responsibility

Humanists believe in personal responsibility. Realizing that you
need to think before you act because anything and everything you do has consequences
and you should therefore take care to make sure those consequences are good
is a central tenet of the philosophy. Obviously, some behaviors and actions
are more risky then others. But from the Humanist perspective, if you aren’t
willing to pay the price of the consequences of your risky behavior, you should
not engage in it. If you do, then you own it. In other words, if you break it,
you should fix it.

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Jen’s Humanism DVD on Sale Now!

An Introduction to Humanism on DVD

About the video:

This program is designed to help clarify one of the most influential and consequently most maligned philosophies of our time.  Humanism has arisen in every culture and in every time and yet very few people know what it is and why it has been so influential.

Written by Jennifer Hancock this Introduction to Humanism DVD is broken into 6 sections covering:

  1. Definition of Humanism
  2. History of Humanism
  3. Humanism’s relationship to religion
  4. Central Values of Humanism
  5. Famous Humanists
  6. And Frequently Asked Questions about Humanism

This video serves as a good resource for individuals looking to learn more about the philosophy and for groups looking to provide an introduction to the philosophy for their newer members.

Total viewing time: 41 minutes

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